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The cooperative Granát Turnov

budovaThe Granát Turnov, cooperative for the art production, has more then 60 years of tradition in production of jewelry with the Czech garnet in Turnov as well as the whole Czech Republic. This cooperative was founded through merging of smaller private goldsmiths in 1953. At that time the cooperative had worksites in various places in Turnov and its surroundings– for example in Český Dub, Dolní Bousov, Lomnice nad Popelkou and even in Rovensko pod Troskami. As the offices and workshops were scattered, a new head office in Turnov at Výšinka was built in 1957 and two years later production began to be concentrated in this new premise and it formed the foundation for today's Turnov Garnet cooperative.

In 1961 the Turnov Garnet, d.u.v. merged with the "Precious Turnov" and together they started producing jewelry and precious stones cutting. This new cooperation, coined the name "Družstvo Granát Turnov, for the art-production", and was not only producing gold and silver garnet jewelries, but also stylish gold and silver cuts with natural and synthetic stones.

Presently Granát, d.u.v. Turnov is the largest producer of jewelries with bohemian garnet.
In order to ensure supply of sufficient quantities of the bohemian garnet as raw material, the cooperative managed to gain the sole authorization of mining of the raw garnet from the Mining authority in Most. Later, the cooperative became the sole owner of the mines where raw garnet could be found, (in Podsedice in the region of Litoměřice and in Vestřev in the Trutnov region). This investment ensured the cooperative the security of gaining the unique raw material, for the long years to come, which is essential for their production.

  • In 1992 the cooperative underwent successfully a transformation and became the owner of the cooperative, combining precious stone cutters and goldsmiths.
  • In 2016, Mr. Pavel Tvrzník was elected as the head of the cooperative and the chairman of the board of directors.
  • At present the cooperative has around 240 employees.

In addition to its network of retail outlets, the cooperative has trading partners in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their jewelries are sold not only in the whole Czech Republic but also in all continents around the world.

In its wide range of offers, the cooperative has the biggest collection of original jewelries with the bohemian garnet in gold and silver. The collection includes models from the historical and popular traditions of these jewels from around the world, as well as new fashion designs, getting the traditional garnet jewelries closer to the younger generation of customers and combining the tradition and the contemporary fashion trends together. The cooperative also cooperates with the contemporary fashion designers and offers a collection of trendy fashion models.

Today the Granát, d.u.v Turnov is considered as an undoubtedly the biggest processor and manufacturer of the original jewelries with the bohemian garnets. It uses the latest production techniques for the creation and production of new models of jewelries as well as great use of Turnov goldsmith's hand job. Granát Turnov is a leading developer of this art in the exhibitions and sets the pace of design and final shape of the jewelries. Our customers can be found on all continents of the world particularly in its home the Czech Republic. Our cooperative has a great role in popularization of the garnet jewelry and its worldwide promotion.

The biggest collection of the historical works with the bohemian garnets in the world belongs to The National museum in Prague, smaller collections can be seen in the Art-industrial museum in Prague and in the Moravian Gallery in Brno. The complete collections are also in the professional Jewelers school in Turnov and in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise.