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The team sets the design trend and the final form of garnet jewelry. Despite the state-of-the-art production technologies used, a high proportion of the handwork of Turnov goldsmiths remains on the jewelry.


Bohemian garnet

… small precious stone red as blood, full of mystery, passion and magic effects. Did you know that the Bohemian garnet has, among other garnets mined in many locations throughout the world, the same unique status as the Colombian emerald among the emeralds, or the ruby of Burmese among the rubies?

Bohemian garnet jewelry
Bohemian garnet jewelry

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Jewelry

Více než 70 let tradice

More Than 70 Years of Tradition

Discover the beauty of czech garnet jewellery, from the traditional manufacturer Granát, d.u.v., Turnov, with more than 70 years of production history.

Garance původu u všech šperků

Guaranteed Origin of All Jewelry

Granát, d.u.v., Turnov guarantees the origin and quality of all its jewellery. Rely on professional workmanship and unique design.

8 kamenných prodejen

8 Company Stores

You can also buy all ours unique jewellery with czech garnets in the network of our company stores Granát, d.u.v., Turnov.

Šetrná těžba granátu

Eco-Friendly Garnet Mining

We mine czech garnets with maximum respect for nature. And we take care of the preservation of the environment responsibly.

Zakázková výroba

Custom Jewelry Production

We offer professional custom jewellery manufacturing. Our designers will design a piece of jewellery that will become your perfect accessory.

100% český výrobek

100% Czech-Made Product

Jewellery from Granát, d.u.v., Turnov are 100% produced in the Czech Republic. We are proud of our traditional craftsmanship.

Granát Gallery

We have been operating the gallery since 2006. In a guided tour, visitors will learn where and how Czech garnets were and are mined and what technology is used to process them into jewelry stones.

Granát Gallery – Own exhibition

nám. Českého ráje 4, Turnov

Exposition of the Bohemian garnet – mining and processing.

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Galerie Granát - Zákaznické centrum
Prodejna Skla a dárkových předmětů s českými granáty

Glass shop and gift items with Bohemian garnets

nám. Českého ráje 4, Turnov

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