Certificate of Authenticity

Warranty and guarantee of origin

Original jewelry with the Bohemian garnets

The Certificate of Authenticity declares the fact that the jewelry was produced in a company that owns the rights to extract garnet raw material, owns the mines for the extraction of garnet raw material and owns the trademark and the designation of origin “Bohemian Garnet” and “Bohemian Garnet Jewelry”. Furthermore, the certificate of authenticity declares the location of the stone and the origin of the jewel according to the hallmark used, in our case the hallmark G. This marking guarantees the originality and authenticity of jewelry with Bohemian garnets, produced in our cooperative of artistic production Granát Turnov.

The certificate of authenticity itself is protected against common abuse by a holographic mark with the logo of the Granát Turnov cooperative.
Older versions of the certificate, which may still be found at our dealers, may appear in red or beige, and are still valid, gradually being replaced by new red certificates with the holographic mark.


Glass with the Bohemian garnets

The certificate for the glass confirms the authenticity of the Bohemian garnets used on the product itself. The glass products are marked with the holographic mark of the Granát Turnov cooperative.