How to properly choose a piece of jewelry

Are you choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift for a holiday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, birth of a child or just for pleasure and you hesitate in your choice?
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A properly chosen piece of jewelry should, above all, underline a woman’s uniqueness and charm. For men, jewelry should emphasise their dignity and masculine charm.
Take note of the jewelry they wear, which they like and be inspired by their personality type, style, temperament or colour typology.
It is also important to know what occasion or event the jewelry will be worn for.

How to recognize genuine Bohemian garnets?

You can meet imitation of the Bohemian garnets in jewelry relatively often, e.g. by using glass or cheaper almandine.

Bohemian garnets belong to the pyropes, they have a deep red colour with a minimum of inclusions and bubbles and are found in relatively small sizes of 2-6 mm. Bohemian garnets of around 7 mm can be found, but these are already unique stones.
Almandines are usually purple-brown to raspberry in colour, larger in size and are often used as a centre stone.

It is difficult for a layman to distinguish Bohemian garnets with the naked eye. It is therefore recommended to be guided primarily by the size of the stone and its colour.
Furthermore, we guarantee the authenticity of Bohemian garnets set in our jewelry with the Certificate and the hallmark “G”.

We mine Bohemian garnets at two locations in the Czech Republic and process them only into our jewelry.


Materials and surface finishing

We produce jewelry with Bohemian garnets in silver 925/1000, in yellow gold 14ct 585/1000, 18ct 750/1000 and in white gold 585/1000 with final surface finish by rhodium plating.

Silver jewelry surface finishing


Gold plating: Very hard, abrasion resistant


Rhodium plating: Protection against oxidation


Ruthenium plating: Patina-blackening


Rose gold plating: Pink metal tone

Earring clasp


English screw
















Passive snap



How to choose the right ring size?

Are you choosing the perfect ring for your loved one? Choosing the right design is not enough. It is very important to determine the right ring size.

The most common ring sizes in stock: 52-62
Other ring sizes: 46-51 and 63-72

Ring size chart:

Size number
(Inner circumference in mm)
Inner diameter Size number
(Inner circumference in mm)
Inner diameter
46 14,5 mm 60 19,0 mm
47 15,0 mm 61 19,3 mm
48 15,2 mm 62 19,7 mm
49 15,5 mm 63 20,0 mm
50 15,8 mm 64 20,3 mm
51 16,2 mm 65 20,6 mm
52 16,5 mm 66 20,9 mm
53 16,8 mm 67 21,2 mm
54 17,1 mm 68 21,5 mm
55 17,4 mm 69 21,8 mm
56 17,7 mm 70 22,2 mm
57 18,1 mm 71 22,5 mm
58 18,3 mm 72 22,8 mm
59 18,7 mm


How to measure ring size:
The best way to measure your ring size is with special ring gauges by professionals in our stores, who will be happy to advise you. The ring size can be measured by using a sliding scale or by using thread, tape and subsequently measuring with a ruler.

Tips for successful measuring:

  • The most accurate way to measure is with measuring rings.
  • The best time to measure is at the end of the day when the fingers are at their largest.
  • Repeat the measurement several times a day.
  • The ring should not be tight on the finger, the size should be loose so that the ring can be turned gently from side to side.
  • The ring should be easy to take off, without pressure or wrinkling of the finger skin.
  • If the knuckle is larger than the root of the finger, the ring must go over the knuckle, therefore the fitted ring will be looser at the root of the finger.