Gallery – customer center

The Customer Center has been open for our customers and business partners for several years, and since July 2006 it has been located at Český ráj no. 4 in Turnov, directly above our store on the 1st floor.

The Customer Center presents Bohemian garnet and Bohemian garnet jewelry in its own exposition. A part of the center is actually a small museum of Bohemian garnets and an exhibition of the production of garnet jewelry.

The tour begins with the mining of garnets in the Central Bohemian Highlands and the cutting of the stones with historical and modern machines and the goldsmith’s work. Everyone has the opportunity to watch the presentation and even try the work themselves.

The premises are complemented by a small painting gallery and the actual exhibition of paintings, photographs and artistic objects from the near and wide surroundings.

A number of awards and prestigious prizes awarded to the cooperative (e.g. the prize from the Czech Nightingale survey) are also part of the exposition.

Visitors can get interesting information about our products from our expert staff.

Granát gallery – customer center
Náměstí Českého ráje 4
511 01 Turnov
Czech Republic

GPS location: 50°35’13.60″N, 15°09’27.60″E

+420 481 325 989
+420 737 206 691

Opening hours:
Monday: 10.00–12.30; 13.00–17.00
Tuesday – Friday: 9.00–12.30; 13.00–17.00
Saturday: 9.00–12.00
Saturday, June 15th: 9.00–17.00
Sunday, June 16th: 9.00–17.00

Barrier-free access is possible by agreement with the customer service staff.
Group tours should be booked in advance.

Admission fees: * Price:
Current exhibitions of the artists Free
Adults 50 CZK
Children under 15 years 30 CZK
Seniors, disabled, students 30 CZK
Families (2 adults + 2 children under 15 years) 120 CZK
Group of adults (over 15 persons) 40 CZK
Group of children (over 15 persons) 20 CZK
Garnet workshops / group (over 15 persons) 30 CZK
* Price per person (except “Families” admission)
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